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"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young. Be an example to all believers, in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith and your purity."1 Timothy 4:12


At St Mary's we are passionate about providing all of our children with a broad range of reading resources, memorable experiences and the highest quality reading teaching and encourage each one of them to become life long readers. 
Through hearing stories, children are exposed to a wide range of words and our teachers are passionate to provide as many of these experiences throughout school life. This helps them build their own vocabulary and improve their understanding when they listen, which is vital as they start to read and explore the world around them. 
As our ethos suggests, we really are never too young to make a difference, and what better way to start learning how than to explore as many books as possible, cover to cover, and begin to write their own story one page at a time! 
To dream big, to change the world, to make a difference... we need to read big! We encourage our children to read and explore some of the most influential people in our history. We aim to fill their heads with dreams, hopes and ambitions and fill their hearts with the love and compassion to reach them
 Bringing stories to life.
We love bringing stories to life and sharing our love of reading. Watch the videos below of how our teachers bring stories to life! 
World Book Days
We love to immerse children in the wonderful world of books so we always go the extra mile when celebrating world book day. Each year we select a theme and the school environment is transformed. Each class then selects an exciting and engaging activity for all children to enjoy. This community approach shares our love of books from the smallest children to the oldest and provides children with wonderful memories for years to come.   
Celebrating Stories.
Throughout the year, we explore different genre's of reading this includes our Terrifying tales event and our Summer Stories - a road to adventure event. We have invited parents in at the end of the day to share our stories and we complete activities throughout our key stage. You can see pictures, invitations and reviews of our story events below. 
Did you know?
The importance of parental engagement to vocabulary acquisition…

Researchers in the United States who had looked at the impact of parents reading with their children quoted the following figures in a news release about their findings:

Here’s how many words kids would have heard by the time they were 5 years old:

Never read to, 4,662 words;
1–2 times per week, 63,570 words;
3–5 times per week, 169,520 words;
daily, 296,660 words;
and five books a day, 1,483,300 words
The reading framework - teaching the foundations of literacy, July 2021
*Top Tips for Reading Success *
Daily reading can make a massive difference to your child's progress.
Here are some easy ways you can make reading a part of every day:
1. Don’t worry about how long you read for. Every minute spent reading makes a bigger difference than you realise!
2. Don’t worry about what your kids are reading: recipes, cereal packets, Argos catalogues... It’s all useful! Keep books and other reading materials close by.
3. Reading to kids of all ages is helpful. If your little one isn’t reading by themselves yet, read with them.
4. Ask lots of questions: Who, what, where, when and why and ask them to summarise when you’ve finished.
Make sure you record all of your reading achievements, we love to celebrate these in school by rewarding children with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Headteachers awards! 
Reading Eggs
We have recently adopted Reading Eggs as a whole school. This progressive program supports our early readers learning to decode in reception right up to our Year Six curriculum and beyond. 
We are in the very early stages of adopting the program and we are pleased to be supporting our children with such a valuable resource over the lockdown period.
The Learn to Read Process – How Reading Eggs works

Reading Eggs was created by expert educators with over 30 years of experience.

The multi-award winning early learning resource supports your child’s learn to read journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities that are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging for young children.

By incorporating Reading Eggs into your child’s daily routine, you will be helping to prepare them for the same structured learning they will need to succeed and feel confident at school.

How Reading Eggs teaches your child to read

learn to read

Reading Eggs is based on solid scientific research to give your child the best chance at reading success.

Using the five essential keys to reading success, the programme unlocks all aspects of learning to read for your child. Learn more here

  • The lessons use colourful animation, fun characters, songs, and rewards to keep children motivated.
  • The programme is completely interactive to keep children on task.
  • When children start the programme, they can complete a placement quiz to ensure they are starting at the correct reading level.
  • Parents can access detailed progress reports as well as hundreds of full-colour downloadable activity sheets that correspond with the lessons in the programme.
  • The programme includes over 2000 online books for kids – each ending with a comprehension quiz that assesses your child’s understanding.

A breakdown of the learn to read process with Reading Eggs

Learn essential reading skills

Children complete animated online lessons where they learn essential reading and phonics skills. The variety of fun activities within each lesson provides the repetition needed for these skills to become part of the child’s long term memory.

kids books online

Read books online

Children gain confidence by reading online books that only contain words they have already studied in the programme. There are over 2000 levelled books in the Reading Eggs programme.


Earn rewards

Children earn golden eggs as rewards for the progress they make. They can use these eggs to buy fun reward games and items for their avatar or house. Children also earn a certificate at the end of each map, which can be printed.

Complete quizzes

After 10 lessons, children complete a quiz. This provides you with a report of what your child is learning. Children can repeat the online lessons as many times as they like to reinforce key learning concepts.

Accelerated Reader
We are excited to launch Accelerated Reader (AR) as a tool to assist children in finding a book they they enjoy, is suitable for them, that they have chosen independently and that helps to spread the love of reading throughout St Mary's.
You can watch our introduction video here:
You can also click on the flipchart below to find out all about AR at St Mary's...

At St Mary's C of E we aim for all of our children to become fluent, confident and passionate readers committed to becoming lifelong learners. Research suggests that to give our children the very best start in life we must instil a love of reading for pleasure. As an incentive, we have updated our reading rewards system so that children get rewarded for their reading achievements each term, rather than at the end of the school year as in previous years. From now on children achieving their Gold award will now receive a special treat at the end of Autumn term, Spring term and Summer term. There will be an additional reward for those prestigious readers achieving Head Teachers Award.


Please note changes to certificates

The rewards are:

  •        Bronze 0-20
  •        Silver 0-30
  •        Gold 0-40
  •        Head Teacher Award 0-50

These can be earned through:

  •        Reading their school reading books
  •        Fiction express books
  •        Picture books
  •        Non-Fiction books
  •        Magazines
  •        Parent/ carer reading to the child

Children can earn 2 reading points per day. Please ensure all reading achievements are recorded in the home reading record.

Children will continue to be rewarded for their efforts by being entered into a weekly book prize draw.