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"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young. Be an example to all believers, in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith and your purity."1 Timothy 4:12

Courageous Advocates

Orla and Mia have been collecting crisp packets for a charity that helps rescue hedgehogs. They even made a special box to put the packets in with some information as well.

We are Year 6. We made 33 pebbles and love hearts as part of The Climate Cooalition's #showthelove Campaign. We made a social media video to share that we hoped people would find the pebbles and that we would be raising the profile of climate change in our local area. Our video has been viewed over 3500 times and has been shared by Cornwall Council and other big Facebook pages.

Hi, my name is Kallais. During my time at St Mary’s I have been inspired to consider helping some charities such as the Royal Princess charity that helps gives people hair when they lose their own through having cancer treatment. I did this because my grandad had cancer and I wanted to do something to help. The school helped me with my fundraising. I did a run also for Cancer Research with school since then and carried this on outside of school as well. I consider myself as a generally kind and caring person which I have been recognised for this quality on many occasions. I feel really proud of myself doing these things for others.

Hi! My name is Keisha. I am always looking for others to help, especially if it is in my local community. I do litter picks in my local community as well as fairs to raise money for local charities. I even sold my own toys! ( I made £6 and am really proud of myself!) Last year I cut my super long hair, which I had been growing, and donated it to The Princess Trust Charity. I love helping in school making our outside area look pretty by donating plants from my garden.

Hi, my name is Alex. I recently took part in a peaceful Climate Change Protest in the city of Truro. When I returned to school, I asked if I could share a presentation with my class to help them become more aware about environmental issues in the world, and why it is important that we should all work together to save the planet.

Normally I would not have had the confidence to stand up and talk about this in front of my class, but it is something that I feel passionate about.

Hi my name is Ellie. I have had numerous operations to enable me to hear better, this meant I have had to be really brave and I have had lots of time off school. I have taken part in many different charitable acts for which I have been recognised both in and out of school. These include organising cake sales and having my hair cut. I think the most important charity that I have raised money for is Macmillian as I feel it is close to my heart as I know a couple of people who have been affected by Cancer. In school I am a really good buddy to a friend in Year 1 who I have looked after ever since she joined the school. I support her every day and give up my time. If I get a ‘Starbox’ prize I am planning to give it to my buddy in Year 1.

We are Lotta, Mabel, Coco And Sunny. We are always looking to organise some kind of charitable event. Last year we organised a sponsored cartwheel to raise money for ‘Children in Need’ to help less fortunate children around the world. We are looking to raise some more money for charity again this year.

Hi, my name is Mabel. I am passionate about the environment. I have suggested that we use a web browser that supports a charity to plant trees every time we search the internet.

Hi my name is Jenna. I am always looking to help others. I have cut my hair to donate to ‘The Princess Trust’.

My Name is Cordelia. I have been inspired by others in my class and my family to have my hair cut and donate it to charity not once but twice!